6V6GT Maximum Ratings

There are data sheets that state the maximum ratings for a 6V6GT lower than should be for a stock 6V6GT. The following are maximum ratings for a 6V6GT from a 1961 RCA tube manual. Tubes that are manufactured as 6V6GT should meet these specs.

Filament voltage - 6.3V
Filament current - .45 AMPS
Plate Volts - 350V MAX
Plate Dissipation - 14 WATTS MAX
Screen Volts - 315V MAX

Plate Volts = 180V
Plate Current - 30MA MAX
Screen Volts - 180V
Screen Current - 4MA MAX
Plate Load Resistance - 5500 OHMS
Power Output - 2 WATTS

Plate Volts = 250V
Plate Current - 47MA MAX
Screen Volts - 250V
Screen Current - 7MA MAX
Plate Load Resistance - 5000 OHMS
Power Output - 4.5 WATTS

Plate Volts = 315V
Plate Current - 35MA MAX
Screen Voltage - 225V
Screen Current - 6MA MAX
Plate Load Resistance - 8500 OHMS
Power Output - 5.5 WATTS

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